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CEBELIA Shape Up Tights slimming, firming and moisturizing

CEBELIA Shape Up Tights


Between cosmetic and textile product, CEBELIA Shape Up Tights is composed of a unique patented stimulating fiber impregnated with microcapsules, each containing cosmetic ingredients. The active ingredients are gradually released on the skin to deliver their firming and moisturizing benefits.

Skin type : All skin types

Area : Body

Color : Black



Ceramic fiber EMANA®, patented innovation, absorbs the heat naturally emited by the body and transforms it into infrareds. These infrareds are then sent back to the skin surface to stimulate microcirculation and improve collagen synthesis > better skin firmness and elasticity

Copaiba & Elemi resin , fight lack of firmness and improve skin texture > firming and softening

Red algae extract & Japanese pagoda, drain and activate the release of fat cells > sliming

Mango butter & sweet almond, restore the skin's lipid barrier and prevent dehydration > nourishing, moisturizing



Used by aesthetic physicians after any firming and/or slimming aesthetic medical procedures to optimize the results at home:

Post coolsculpting

Post mesotherapy

Post liposuction

Post abdominoplasty

A daily use of the tights is also recommended for all people looking for a firming and slimming action day after day.

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