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Carboxytherapy is the therapeutical use of CO2 in a gaseous state administred subcutaneously.

Therapeutic actions:
Active microcirculatory vasodilatation, increase the microcirculatory speed and movement, increase the lipolitic actions of the adipose tissue.

-Cosmetic medecine (Edematous Fibrosclerotic, panniculopathy, cellulitis, coadjuvant in localized adiposity treatment, pre and postoperative in skin frafts).

-Cosmetic surgery (Pre and post liposculpture).
-Angiology (organic or functional peripheral arteriopathies).
-Rheumatology (autoimmune arthritis, degenerative osteoarthritis, acute arthritides).
-Urology (Erectile dysfunction, associated to microangiopathies).
-Dermatology (Psoriasis, ulcers).

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