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BodySculptor uses the unique «BioStimology» cell activation technique to stimulate the decongestion of fat cells.

BodySculptor is THE solution that erases cellulite, drains, tones and relaxes, and is kind to the body.


Based on scientific research, professional BodySculptor slimming machines generate a BioEnergetic field that is totally harmless for the skin and the body.

The BioEnergetic BodySculptor field will stimulate the calcium channels of muscle membranes resulting in insensible muscle contraction.

This insensible contraction will induce energy consumption that will stimulate the decongestion of the fat cells.

Thanks to BioStimology, we are gradually achieving a specific reduction in body fat in the most fat-coated areas treated.


Cosmosoft, manufacturer of professional slimming, fitness and health machines has developed a unique technology, the result of 15 years of scientific research and study: BioStimology.

“Bio” in reference to the biological and natural action of the BioEnergetic field on the body and “Stimology” to refer to the cell stimulation technology of lipolysis (fat breakdown).

Each BioStimology session entails a reduction of subcutaneous or visceral fatty mass.

BioStimology technology, with no undesirable side-effects for the organism, perfectly fits the framework of a number of Beauty, Fitness and Medical protocols.

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