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BIOGINIX KIT is specifically engineered to aid in the isolation and usage platelet rich plasma (PRP) through centrifugation of a fraction of autologous blood. The BIOGINIX KIT is designed to maximize the upper working limits of platelets, requiring minimal volumes of the patient’s venous sample. The BIOGINIX KIT is effective for dermatological uses such as, skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, and hair loss. The BIOGINIX KIT holds many orthopedic advantages that aids in the treatment of tissue repair, tendon injuries, and even ligament damage.




PRP Tubes:

Sterilized, glass, non- pyrogenic – 2pcs x 12ml

PRP Tubes contains:

A liquid anticoagulant (Sodium Citrate)

Cell separator gel – 1.2 ml

Blood withdrawal accessories:

Syringes (sterile) 3ml – 2pcs

Syringes (sterile) 5ml – 2pcs

Vacutainer tube holder – 2pcs

Blood collection needles (sterile) - 4 pcs, 30G x ½’’ (0.3 x 13mm)

Spinal needle (sterile non-toxic, non-pyrogenic) – 2pcs, 22G (0.7 x 75mm)

Activator Calcium Chloride Dermaqual – 2 ampoules x 1ml/0,033 fl.oz

Absorbant dressing – 1pcs, (8.0 cm x 8.0 cm)

Tourniquet (latex free, synthetic rubber) – 1pcs

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