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Biofibre® Hair Care SetBiofibre® Hair Care Set Biofibre® Hair Care Set

Biofibre® Hair Care Set

Biofibre® Hair Care Set has been specially devised to optimize Biofibre® Hair Implant results and duration. These products are the most suitable solution for the care and hygiene for the scalp of Biofibre® Hair Implant patients.

The Biofibre® Hair Care Set contains:

  • BIOFIBRE® Hair Comfort, a cleansing foam to wash the scalp
  • BIOFIBRE® DermaClean, a sanitizing spray for the hygiene of the scalp
  • BIOFIBRE® SeboCare, an anti-sebum spray to prevent the appearance of anti-aesthetic comedos
  • BIOFIBRE® Brush, a small brush to perform regular cleaning of the scalp.

The most important aspect of Biofibre® Hair Implant maintenance is linked with the personal hygiene and proper after care. This aftercare kit contains products ready-to-use which are based on a formulation conceived for the needs of Biofibre® Hair Implant patients in order to assure a long lasting result and the proper maintenance of the scalp.

Here a short description about every single products:

  • BIOFIBRE® Hair Comfort is a pH 7 (neutral) cleansing foam for regular hygiene of the scalp. Its gentle purifying action ensures effective cleansing of the scalp, while respecting the most sensitive types of skin.
  • BIOFIBRE® DermaClean is a sanitizing spray for regular hygiene. It is perfect to keep the scalp clean during the first weeks after the treatment. The ingredients have been specially selected to guarantee a mild and effective action without being aggressive to the implanted skin.
  • BIOFIBRE® SeboCare is a sebum-balancing lotion. Its innovative composition is rich in premium natural substances, to guarantee a gentle and effective sebum-balancing and keratolytic action, while improving the hydration and elasticity of the skin.


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