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Beauty Tower

Beauty Tower

Beauty Tower is professional multifunctional system which offers therapist avariety of cosmetic treatments: high-frequency, brush, cold-heat therapy, facial
steamer, lamp, Wood lamp, vacuum therapy and spray. Working with the system is easy and user friendly. Each function can be operated independently or used at the same time not interfering each other. System ensures safety to therapist and patient.

High – frequency – disinfects, stimulates and softens the skin. Desinfection and wound healing process are ensured by ozone released during the therapy.

Brush – uses rotating brush to clean the face, to remove the dirt in the pore and dead cells on the skin. At the same time it massages which improves blood
circulation and toning of the skin.

Facial steamer - steam moistens and warms the skin which causes enlargement of the pores, softens skin uncleanness. Steam and ozone improves blood
microcirculation - it enables easier treatment of the skin.

Lamp – lamp can zoom out the objects and help the beauticians see the parts needs to be care clearer and easier.

Wood lamp – uses ultraviolet light to inspect the skin. When ultraviolet light shines on the skin different skin feed back a different colour. The beautician can accord the different colour to choose the suitable therapy.

Cold – heat therapy – releases muscles and skin with soft massage. Cold treatment head release the pain. It can speed the recover from the wounds. Heat treatment head prepares skin for treatment.

Vacuum therapy – vacuum massage stimulates the circulation of blood and vein circulation. It returns the skin energy and it tones the skin – skin rejuvenates.

Spray – sprays the lotion or tonic over face, neck, decoltage and body skin.

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