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Automatic Biofibre Hair Device Automatic Biofibre Hair Device

Automatic Biofibre® Hair Device

The Automatic Biofibre Hair Implant Device is the most modern and performing equipment for the implants of Biofibre® and used as a baldness solution.

In collaboration with engineers from F1 automotive field and bio-engineers from medical devices field, Automatic Biofibre Device has been developed to better respond the requests of medical facilities daily devoted to the practice of Biofibre® Hair Implant.


  • Reduces implantation time (800 Biofibre hairs/hour ) for best patient comfort;
  • Enables shorter intervals between two implant sessions as minimize cicatrization time;
  • Allows perfect hair orientation, right implant depth and maximum fixation rate;
  • Ensures an optimal implant result even after many hours of practice;
  • Grants a perfect and custom-made hair implant for the utmost patient satisfaction and for the prestige of hair implant clinic.

Automatic Biofibre Hair Device can be consider as “a truly precious partner” for physicians, allowing to perform implant for many hours without stress and with reduced session time.

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