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Allergan BRST

Our breast implants are manufactured according to high standards of manufacturing and quality to reduce significantly the risk of complications. For example, we include a special barrier in the shell of the implant to reduce the risk for the silicone gel to spread outside the implant.

We developed a unique texture on the surface of the shell to maintain the position of the implant and insure tissue adherence, which can help reduce complications such as rotation or capsular contracture.

Obtaining the desired shape is crucial and this is influenced by the implant choice you make after discussing it with your surgeon.


Guaranteed products

  • Product replacement for the patient’s lifetime.
  • This applies to all BRSTTM implants placed after the 3rd of October 2012 as long as the implant:
  • Has been used for its intended purpose
  • Has been implanted by a qualified and recognised surgeon in accordance to the plastic surgery standards in use
  • Has been used in accordance with the product information leaflet (to be found in the box containing the implant)

Cases covered

The BRST warranty programme is only applicable when a shell damage has led to a rupture of the implant that required a surgical intervention.


  • Patient Lifetime product replacement
  • Automatic enrolment
  • Free size changes. At the request of your surgeon, any available size may be selected to replace your current BRSTTMsilicone gel-filled breast implant* at no cost to you

10 years free contra lateral breast implant replacement is conditional on the surgeon’s specific recommendation