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Algeness_Injectable implants

Algeness® is a 100% natural filler, more precisely a  biomaterial, produced by the US company Advanced Aesthetic Technologies Inc., consisting of a purified agarose gel (polysaccharide), derived from a sophisticated manufacturing process. The molecular and biophysical properties of AAT’s agarose make it a breakthrough in the filler’s injection technology. Algeness is a 100%  biocompatible and biodegradable injectable implant and is available on the market fulfilling the expectations and requirements of the most demanding practitioners. Algeness is actually represented in more than 40 countries.

Actually there are 4 Algeness formulations:

- Algeness LD - 1%

- Algeness HD - 1,5%

- Algeness VL - 2,5%

- Algeness DF - 3,5%

Algeness guarantees immediate and long-lasting volumizing results.

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