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Active Lifting Serum

Active Lifting Serum

Active Skin Tightening Sculpting Serum has powerful lipolytic and skin tightening effects, smoothing the facial contours and making them more defined. It contains caffeine, which promotes active lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. A unique complex of ruscus, guarana and lemon extracts combined with iodized hydrolyzate of corn protein regulates carbohydrate, lipid and mineral metabolism. Fucus extract makes the skin more elastic, increases its tightness, stimulates the subcutaneous collagen synthesis, thus helping to fight the signs of aging. Green tea tannins affect the epidermis, improving its structure, as well as maintaining the skin tone. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, creating an air-permeable microfilm that prevents dehydration.

Active ingredients: ruscus, guarana, lemon extracts, iodized hydrolyzate of corn protein, fucus extract, green tea extract, caffeine, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid
Usage: electroporation, ultrasoundandmicrocurrent therapies, as a base for cosmetic massage and plastifying masks, for professional and home care
Shelf life: 2 years
Packaging: 5 single doses x 5 ml

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