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3DOSE Unit Dose Injector image3DOSE Unit Dose Injector GREEN views image3DOSE Unit Dose Injector ORANGE views imageDelivery half, single or multiple BoNT units with 3DOSEDelivering accurate and constant BoNT units with 3DOSE3DOSE Unit Dose Injector packaging image

3DOSE Unit Dose Injector

The new 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector is a disposable BoNT injector with a clicker system that delivers feedback when an exact unit is injected. The clicker system has 3 different settings that allow injection of half, single and multiple units.  3DOSE ensures a more accurate, consistent and easier method of injecting toxin.

The two critical variables during toxin injections are the amount of toxin injected and the anatomical place where the toxin is being injected. Regular syringes were never designed for BoNT injections and are subject to significant tolerance in accuracy. This is being exuberated during small volume injections where errors increase cumulatively during a procedure. BoNT unit volumes are difficult to administer accurately and consistently. This affects the overall result of the procedure, thus justifying a new method for accurate injections.


Product Features

Clicker system: 1 click = 1 unit.
The patented 3DOSE clicker system produces a tactile and audible click when an exact unit is injected. The feedback minimizes the risk for over- or under injection. It allows practioners to administer doses as small as 0.01ml accurately and consistently.

Audible & tactile feedback.
Also visual confirmation of the injected amount is no longer a necessity due to the audible and tactile feedback. Therefor more visual focus can be directed to the point of injection, instead of the ml scale on the syringe.

Indicators in units, instead of ml.
The unique clicker system of the 3Dose Unit Dose Injector eradicates the need for guesswork and calculation errors. 3DOSE scale is indicated in units, instead of milliliters. The units indicator show the remaining number of units left in the barrel.

3 settings to inject half, single or multiple units .
The 3Dose Unit Dose Injector comes in two versions, a green injector and an orange injector. With the green 3DOSE one can accurately inject 0.0125ml, 0.025ml or 0,05ml per click . The orange 3DOSE injector can inject 0.04ml, 0.02ml, to as small as 0,01ml per click for Mesobotox and highly diluted BoNT.

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