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Md Skin Solutions

9AB Boulevard du Prince Henri
L-1724 Luxembourg

MD Skin Solutions Laboratories, creator of PLURYAL, based in Luxembourg is a research company specializing in the creation of anti-aging treatments and pro-aging solutions with a strong added-value for skin, hair and remodeling of face and body.

It is a certified ISO 13485:2003 company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative anti-ageing solutions in compliance with the highest quality standards. 

It offers a wide portfolio of complementary therapies, clinically proven efficient and safe. 


Pluryal Injectables: A complete range of dermal fillers (with and without Lidocaine) and skin booster, based on non-animal monophasic hyaluronic acid

Pluryal Skincare: Medical skincare for home use with a regenerative action

Pluryal Mesoline: Sterile serums for professional use (anti-aging, hair and remodeling treatments).


Pluryal Densifying line: the new dermatrophic generation. A range of 5 injectable fillers covering Hair, Skin and intimate solutions relating to ageing. 

Exhibited At: 

Pluryal Skincare

Pluryal Mesoline

Pluryal Injectables