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Mas Co Ltd

2F Na-dong
531-8, Gajang-ro
South Korea

MAS Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is one of the leading Korean manufacturers of innovative medical device, specializing in Polydioxanone (PDO) medical suture.

Our product line includes Mono / Mono Clear / Twin / Screw / Multi Screw / Duplex / Gold / Cog


Your advantage of working with us will be based on the following facts;

1) We are an original manufacturer.

- Although there are many Korean manufacturers of PDO Lifting thread, many of them can be classified as an assembler of product parts. However, MAS Co., Ltd. is one of the three companies in Korean which can and owns the facility to produce PDO thread itself. 

2) We have a strict protocol and fully equipped facility for quality control and management.

- Our company aims to meet the customers’ satisfaction by strictly controlling and improving our quality through running Quality Assurance department.

The main criteria for quality evaluation of PDO lifting products would be product components, packing system and manufacturing facility. Our company, MAS Co., Ltd., selects the high quality needle and our own PDO thread. Our packing system includes a glove box process to minimize the moisture infiltration and sustain sterilization. Also, our entire manufacturing facility is set up as clean room, which coincides with the regulation of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea as well as other Certificate Authority.

3) We operate in-house R&D department.

- MAS Co., Ltd. operates our own R&D department to improve our existing products and develop new products that is most suitable for the market and upon the requests of distributors. 

Kindly contact us for more information about distribution or OEM/ODM production. 

Thank you!

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