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LOD 7116002

Luminera is a member of a group of four enterprises active in the pharmaceutical market for over 40 years. The group employs more than 180 people who actively engage in innovative research and development and in production of numerous products, including drugs, pharmaceutical preparations, medical devices and cosmetics. 

A variety of the group's products are CE and FDA certi­ed.

Luminera specializes in the medical aesthetics arena

and has been vigorously engaged in research and development

aimed at developing both innovative and generic

market-leading products, of premium quality and with

a signifi­cant cost to benefi­t advantage.


The company is led by a vibrant and experienced team of scientists

who earned their PhD degrees in Chemistry, Biology and

Pharmaceutics at leading academic institutions.


Luminera is committed to marketing premium products, ensured by

permanent monitoring of all processes and products. 

The company strictly operates on the highest regulatory

standards in compliance with local and international directives;

All products are produced under strict ISO9001

and ISO13485 conditions. 


Raw materials are purchased from renowned suppliers and are

systematically inspected and monitored to ensure compliance

with pharmacopeial and internal speci­fications. Product safety is

secured by state of the art sterilization techniques and rigorous

quality assurance.


Luminera pays close attention to product conformity and quality,

by subjecting each production batch to a battery of quality control tests.

Exhibited At: 

Hydryalix Lips Lidocaine

Hydryalix Ultra Deep Lidocaine

Hydryalix Gentle Lidocaine

Hydryalix Deep Lidocaine

Hydryal 4%

Hydryal 3%

Hydryal 2%

Crystalys Lidocaine

Hydryalix Lips

Hydryalix Ultra Deep

Hydryalix Deep

Hydryalix Gentle