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South Korea

We, Beauty Expert Korea, are inspired logically & scientifically by ideas as a result of trustful partnership with our doctors from all over the world. We are always looking for the best solutions that can bring real BEAUTY from inside. This idea allows us to focus more on non-surgical and minor invasive technology during the treatment.

Among the top-sales of our ranges : RE:JUR PRO, developed and designed to provide doctors with an utmost outcome, as well as a safe and easy treatment for the patients.

It is indeed a highly reliable method with a simple understanding when it comes to its use.

RE:JUR Pro is combined with two needles and its two different types of suture (threads), one being a PDO(Polydioxanone) and another being a PLLA(Poly L lactic acid).

Beauty Expert Korea offers many types of opportunities to doctors using our products, such as world wide workshop (seminars) in association with DOCTOR's DAY, especially for facial treatment such as FARMCO COURSE. We offer these opportunities to doctors who are willing to try and discover the recent development to get a clear overview of the users and patients viewpoint.

Our three main principles of sales and developing the products are :

  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Professionalism

These are the most valuable terms for our past and future years at Beauty Expert Korea.


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