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Adoderm Gmbh


Since 2005 ADODERM GmbH, based in Langenfeld - Germany, has been developing and distributing hyaluronic acid based products for aesthetic treatments.

All ADODERM products are with the seal "Made in Germany" and exported to 62 countries.

Our anti-aging solutions are specifically designed to adapt to the individual face anatomy and personal needs for anti-wrinkle, face volume and conturing treatments. Our specialists ensure consistent high quality, a maximum injection comfort for patients and doctors and the need of less volume injected to achieve proper aesthetical results.

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Since 2006, with concentrations from 6 mg/ml up to 27mg/ml, Varioderm® line offers a complete line of needs, such as skin hydration (Varioderm® Mesolift) up to the highest volume creation, lifting and face contouring with our top product Varioderm® Subdermal.

Varioderm® line comes without lidocaine and requires an medium - advanced level of expertise and knowledge in hyaluronic acid based fillers.


After 4 years of research, Hyabell® is our latest line of hyaluronic acid based fillers with the addition of lidocaine. Hyabell® was launched in Europe in the last quarter of 2014. Hyabell® brings a new formula compared to Varioderm® in order to adapt our products to the new trends in aesthetics that our practitioners are facing.


Launched in 2005, Novatox® is a combination of different ingredients, among them hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide 3, acmella oleracea, phytoestrogenes, tripeptide-1 in order to improve skin hydration, to reduce those small and superficial wrinkles where filllers is not a suitable option, to smooth and lift the skin.

In combination treatment with Varioderm® Mesolift, it prevents and postpone in mid age patients (27-32 years old) the first aging wrinkles and stimulate between summers the skin texture.

Novatox® is recomended as complementary treatment to hyaluronic acid fillers, botulinum toxin injections, peeling and laser treatments.

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