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United Kingdom

EUROSURGICAL Ltd, established in 1988 are celebrating our 30 years as a UK based supplier of medical devices, equipment and services. We specialise in innovative products and devices for plastic surgery, reconstructive, aesthetic and female health, from our offices in Guildford. With a nationwide sales force that are able to support and train on-site and offer advise and tips for all our products. We shall be exhibiting our range of liposuction equipment and cannula, which include the excellent Vibrasat Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) device, a reciprocating liposuction cannula and hand piece that takes the manual effort out of liposuction and helps the user to focus on achieving the best results. Fat grafting or Lipo-modeling offers enormous potential for autologous contour correction and rejuvenation. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit small to large volume fat grafting, from Lipo-modeling single-use kits, that contain all the cannula, syringes and accessories to carry out fat grafting, Lipivage syringe fat harvesting device and Aquavage fat harvesting canisters for larger volumes and BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) cases. We also offer the excellent Design Veronique post-surgical garment range which is also available for direct purchase from our internet shop. These are the USA #1 range of garments incorporating a unique PowerNet fabric that allows soft flexibility with breathable compression and comfort for your patients. The Academy of Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine (AARM) was founded in 2018 to identify, introduce and teach the state of the art clinical applications of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine that can benefit clients and patients now. The exciting and new injectable platelet rich fibrin iPRF and micrografting system RigeneriaActiva (regenerative stem cell isolation device) introduced through a partnership between the Academy of Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine and Eurosurgical are a must see at this years FACE Meeting. The iPRF system enables practitioners to separate peripheral blood circulating stems cells (iPRF) as well as the powerful regenerative matrix (fibrin) and the platelets ready for use in a wide range of rejuvenation opportunities. Rigenera on the other hand is an advanced FDA & CE approved and registered system that allows the practitioner to harvest and process progenitor stem cells (stromal vascular fraction) without any enzymatic digestion and apply it to restore hair (hair follicle stem cells), anti-agining (epidermal stem cells), build and or repair cartilage (chondrocyte stem cells) or any of the evolving multi-tissue protocols. Please visit The Eurosurgical - Academy of Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine at stand 21 for a full viewing of all that is innovative in modern aesthetic medicine.