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Age Breaker by Nacriderm

69215 LYON

Founded in 2012 in Lyon France, AGE BREAKER is aimed at developping and promoting highly effective nutraceuticals intended for the prescription of preventive and anti aging medicine.

New anti aging solutions, AGE BREAKER products combine :

Efficacy and safety
Over 10 efficacy, tolerance and usage tests have been conducted on hundreds of people.
The production is carried out in France according to the most demanding international quality standards.

A pioneer laboratory in research on aging and glycation.
A unique active ingredient developed by pharmacology specialists.
Discoveries protected by three families of patents.

AGE BREAKER products are designed in collaboration with leaders in anti-aging medicine.

An independant company
Oriented towards research and innovation, independent from industrial or financial groups, AGE BREAKER is today a major signature in anti aging nutraceuticals recognized by anti-aging physicians all over the world.

Full service 
An integrated e.commerce organization allows to enjoy the benefits of a unique range and personalized services, directly from the lab to your home, without intermediaries and without intrusive communication.

First the content 
Keen to minimize its environmental footprint, AGE BREAKER favours the content Vs the containing: concentrated formulas, eco designed packaging.

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GÉLULES Complément alimentaire 1 boite, 60 gélules en blisters